101 Recipes in a Flash with 3 Bonus Books


For The First Time Ever, It’s ‘Easier Than Easy’ To Create a Delicious Meal in Literally Minutes…

“FINALLY! You Can Cook A Professional Delicious Gourmet Meal Lightning Fast, Without Slaving Crazy Hours in Your Kitchen…30 Minutes or Less!”

Move Out of the Way Emeril Lagasse, Rachel Ray, and Bobby Flay!  There’s a New Chef in Town, and His/Her Name is…


Create Delicious Professional Gourmet Meals in a Flash…

  Cut your cooking time in half and create great meals like you see on T.V.!

   Create delicious meals in 30 minutes or less

101 dinner meals for you to choose from, so you’ll never say things like, “Pork and beans for dinner, again?!?”

Recipes you’ll literally sink your teeth into and never get tired of…

100% healthy and Low-Carb Recipes also available.

Preparation and cook time included with all recipes within the book!

Learn how to cook gourmet style: Chinese, Italian, Greek, Indian…and more!

From enchiladas to ground beef stroganoff…this books got it all!

This purchase comes with three bonus books –

Bonus 1:
Vegetarian Meals in a Flash

No meat? No problem! Meatless-Vegetarian meals you’ll absolutely love!

-Quick and simple vegetarian meals you can create instantly…

-Vegetarian dinner ideas for yourself, friends, family, or significant other…

-Vegetarian meals under 30 minutes or less!


Bonus 2:
Breakfast in a Flash

Tired of waking up in the morning and wondering what you’ll cook for yourself or family for breakfast?

-Breakfast has never been so easy and so fast to make!

-Create a fast gourmet breakfast with all its fixings

-Stop having the typical coffee and hot cereal in the morning and create a breakfast frittata or a breakfast burrito!


Bonus 3:
Dessert in a Flash

After creating your lunch or dinner in a flash, why don’t you cap it off with a blueberry dumpling cake…

-Professional dessert recipes you can cap your meals with…

-Stop waiting and start eating your dessert in no time!

-Delicious and healthy snacks you can try anytime, anywhere.



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