The Art of Dating


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Art of Dating

“Dating As An Art” by Millis Duvall. “Like all arts, it must be cultivated
to bring results.” 

In this practical guide she shows you how.

Dr. Duvall is the author of the best-selling Facts of Life and Love for Teen-Agers. A former director of the Association for Family Living, she has written many books and articles on topics vital to happiness in the home.

At present she serves as director of the adolescent study course of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers and as a regional consultant for The American Institute of Family Relations.

Together with her daughter Joy Duvall Johnson, Dr. Duvall has made an extensive study of the questions boys and girls ask about dating. 

They have compiled this helpful book to fill the need for candid information. And they have included sound discussions of such important subjects as premarital intimacies and teen-age marriages.

“Dating As An Art” will tell you how to get the date you want—and then how to make sure both you and your date have a really good time. 

This book is written for young people and the adults who care about them, as a guide to dating and the relationships between sexes.

When thousands of questions from youth were collected and analyzed as background for Facts of Life and Love for Teen-Agers, two of the most frequently asked questions were: 

(1) How do you get a date? and 

(2) What do you do with a date when you get one?


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