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For Centuries Mysteries Have
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Don’t fret, Let The Wonders of This World Be Open To You!

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There are many lists that claim to have contained the Seven Wonders of the World. These lists have travelled through history and have been handed over by the seekers of truth and scholars. Through these narrations we have drawn a mean result which is an agreed upon version of the list that we used today. The contents of these lists, however, tend to be distinct and separate. The seven wonders that are most widely agreed upon as being in the original list are the seven wonders of the ancient world, which was compiled by ancient Greek historians. This is a list of wonderful places that were known to the people of ancient Greece. It is therefore the natural cause that we only find these mysterious places only around the shores of Mediterranean. Of all the ancient wonders, the pyramids alone survive today.

Human creativity has always created the works of wonder and awe since times immemorial. The history has witnessed the creation of many a structures that inspire the imagination of all. These historical marvels are a testimony to the fact that the creative power of Homo sapiens has always defied the notions of impossibility. The historical wonders are homage to our own excellence and achievement as a human race. Often called the Seven Wonders of the World, these marvels area hailed as a collective heritage of all mankind in general. They are celebrated symbols of our past, standing as a reminder of the accomplishment of our labour and toil, and rising above the differences among the peoples which exist otherwise. They are also, however, reminders of the human capacity for disagreement, destruction and, possibly, embellishment. As soon as ancient writers compiled a list of “seven wonders,” it became fodder for debate over which achievements deserved inclusion. Still, all seven continue to inspire and be celebrated as the remarkable products of the creativity and skill of earth’s early civilizations.

Do you know that no mummy or remains of any kind have been found in the great pyramid. The pyramid was initially covered with casing stones which were made of highly polished limestone. How these blocks were transported and assembled into the pyramid is still a mystery. Many theories have been proposed, but none of them are really feasible. In short we can say that the pyramids hold many mysteries that we have not been able to solve till this day.

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